12 last-minute Gifts to Surprise your Mom this Mother’s Day

1.     Help her stay active

Has your mom been talking about getting into shape for a while? Or do you find her fumbling for her phone in the mix of a busy day? The Fitbit Charge 4 is a multi-purpose companion for any mom. This handy device can be worn at all times, during any form of exercise – even swimming – and features important data instantly on its display including number of steps, heart rate, messages and call notifications, amongst others. It also measures sleep cycles and offers up to 7 days of battery life. What’s more is that it lets you make payments through Fitbit Pay, which is catching on nowadays in the country. The Fitbit Charge 4 is the perfect gift to let your mom know that you care for her well-being, and you’ve gotten her the perfect companion to do it.

2.     Capture her favorite memories

Want your mom to always be connected with her most memorable moments? The Fujifilm Instax is basically an instant camera that lets you capture your most special moments upfront. The Fujifilm instax SQUARE SQ6 is an upgrade from the mini since it can print much bigger pictures. There’s no need for mom to miss any special occasion, from school graduation to sports day, with the Fujifilm Instax, all her warmest memories can come alive as easy as pick it up and snap. The Fujifilm Instax comes in a beautiful rose gold aesthetic to match your mom’s feminine style. Check out a video review of the camera to see for yourself.

3.     Keep her Karak warm

This one is for the Karak-loving moms. Why not surprise her with an elegant stainless-steel bottle. Always seeing your mom in need of a hot cup of coffee, tea, or Karak? The Sistema Stainless Steel bottle can be your way of showing your mom that you appreciate her, and her Karak drinking skills, equally.

4.     Indulge her smoothie needs

A Nutri Blender is an ideal present for the smoothie-loving moms. If she loves making you smoothies in the morning, a banana-shake in the evening or enjoys have a delicious protein shake after gym, then something like the Sencor Nutri Blender sits right in her alley. To start, why not share these 12 healthy smoothie recipes with your present to get your mom inspired.

5.    Present her with Alexa and Sound bar in one!

Why not gift her a two-in-one present like the Yamaha Soundbar with built-in Alexa. This is an exceptional present complete with WiFi, wireless subwoofer and built-in Alexa. Whether it is watching a movie with surround sound, listening to her favorite tunes or even setting an alarm, the Yamaha Soundbar is an excellent way to surprise mom this Mother’s Day. It’s also easy to set up and plays music directly from Alexa!

6.     Keep her cooking exciting with new recipes

Do you find her always in the kitchen making new recipes from online tutorials? Why not get her something like the Get the Glow – 100 nutritional recipes written by health coach, Madeleine Shaw. This nutritional cookbook features over 100 delicious but healthy recipes. If your mom is interested in the nutritional aspect of cooking and loves trying new recipes, then getting her a present that fuels her interests is the way to go, starting with Get the Glow.

7.    A Bluetooth speaker for singing in the shower

Does your mom love to sing? The Legami Bluetooth speaker is a fun pick. This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, to be enjoyed specifically by those who love to sing in the shower. Covered with a festive, floral design, the Legami Bluetooth speaker for instance can turn a day in the shower, pool, or beach into something extraordinary with its beachy feel, and easy-to-use, water-resistant speaker.

8.     Entice her love for the outdoors

Why not aim to get her a coffee table that she can use in the house and use it in the outdoors. Something like the Rako Coffee Tale with Built-in Speaker can be a fun present. It comes with a Bluetooth speaker, and a wireless charger. This is a very useful present that can be used inside the house, outside on the patio or garden, and even packed up with your next set of beach preparations for an on-the-go coffee table that gives you music and lets you charge your phone. If your mom loves being outdoors, this coffee table can be a nice addition to her collection.

9.     A book to inspire her to keep fit

If she’s been thinking about getting back on track with her fitness, why not get her a book that will inspire her to do it! Something like the Run Mummy Run book which is written specifically from the mindset of moms offers advice and inspiration on getting fit, healthy, and of course, on being happy.

10.     Get her organized with a personalized keyring!

Help her get organized with a personalized keyring bearing the first letter of her name. These elegant letter keyrings are not only useful in getting all the keys together but also look super cute hanging on the side of a purse.

11.     A portable charging kit for the serial traveler

Got a mom whose always on the go? Get her a present she will adore which will prove extremely handy for years to come. Yes, we’re talking about something along the lines of the Promate 7 in 1 Electronic Traveler Kit which has all the essentials to make travelling more fun, less stressful. Remember if her phone isn’t charged, you can’t call her to tell her how much you miss her when she’s away.

12.     A leather case to upgrade her phone aesthetic

Instead of getting one big present, why not get her something small, simple, and elegant like a leather case that will leave her phone looking more stylish and professional. What’s fun about getting something like this is you can always pair it up with a box of her favorite chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, perhaps some skincare products and any other items you want to get her into a care package. She’ll be super excited to see what’s inside every item she opens!

So, there you have it. Our top picks for Mother’s Day. We hope this gave you plenty of ideas for Mother’s Day, and even then, you can always head on over to www.alifstores.com to explore more gift ideas.