KS Bundle Games Puzzel 100pcs

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In stock
KS Games Lady Bug Puzzle 100 Jigsaw puzzles awaken thinking and striving to find solutions in children. Since putting together the complex and meaningless parts properly requires mental effort, the mental activity put forward to find the solution contributes to the development of the mind. In addition, the colors of the puzzle and the resulting picture will be added to your child's knowledge. In order to reveal your child's interest in puzzles, the choice should be made according to the age and development, attractive colors, theme, and the number of pieces it contains and the fact that it can be done by that child without losing patience. Its surface is specially designed to prevent light reflections. Our products so that your children can play with pleasure for a long time; It is produced from durable, unbreakable, special cardboard. 48*34*0.25cm
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SKU 4TG02050020100XXX
Barcode 8681842101000
Brand KS
Product Types Puzzles
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