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The latest Kurt Austin action-packed NUMA Files adventure novel from the UK No. 1 bestseller Clive CusslerA gripping, action-packed and suspense-filled tale that treks from the Galapagos Islands, to jungles of South America, to the icy birth-place of the Inca people.A missing aircraftFlying over the South Pacific, the most technologically advanced spacecraft ever built vanishes into thin air. Extremely valuable, both China and Russia would kill for the state-of-the-art machine.An unstable cargoKurt Austin and the NUMA team are drawn into a stealthy race to locate the wreck. Only the United States know that waiting in its debris is a payload of exotic matter, stripped from the outermost reaches of the atmosphere.A devastating weaponKept at absolute zero, the matter is so unstable that it could obliterate the face of the earth if allowed to thaw. In a race they can't lose, the NUMA team will risk everything to stop the world's most dazzling research from being the very thing that destroys it. Humanity's fate depends on them.
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SKU 1BO03010250901XXX
Barcode 9781405923873
Product Types Mysteries & Thrillers
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN 9781405923873
Year of Edition 2018
Pages Number 480

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