Let Us Provide the ‘Edutainment’!

Nutty Scientists® offers scientific shows as an entertainment service for parties and celebrations. Forget the worn out clowns and magic tricks, offer guests an exciting and participatory activity that will teach them something valuable! The combination of fun, theatre and education makes these shows an unforgettable experience for all children.

Party & Celebration Objectives


1- Wait, this is for a party, right? Yes, but we still build value into every performance!
2- We encourage experimentation and participation in a very fun, engaging, and exciting setting.
3- This fun approach is still meant to provide a child-centered, practical experience, enabling true retention of materials.

What can you expect?


You can expect our Nutty Scientists professionals to adapt the service, duration, and theme to your exact needs which makes this a practical and reliable option for all sorts of occasions e.g. weddings (to entertain the guests’ children), birthdays, Communions, anniversaries, etc.


  • The Castaway
  • The Ice Age
  • Fun Mission to Space
  • Halloween
  • The Scientific Spa


  • Submit booking request in advance
  • For children 3 to 16 years old
  • Share business objectives so we can design the best event to meet your needs
  • Generally, 55-60 minutes long.