Shlok's Dad: A Father's Perspective of Parenthood

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2021 Human Relations Indie Book Awards "Gold Winner" in 2 categories: Family Journey & Humor!What's the difference between motherhood and fatherhood?Motherhood is like learning to drive a car. You start tentatively. Once you get the hang of all gears or buttons, it is all about judgement, or mother's instinct.Fatherhood, on the other hand, is like sitting on a new roller coaster for the first time. You just sit, holding white-knuckle tight. The ride takes you around turns, bends and loops. All you can do is look around to see if something has fallen, or try to avoid the vomit being hurled all around you.Buckle up and join me as I relate to you my ups and downs, emotional and fun moments; all experienced on the roller coaster ride called parenting.This book is a light read to reassure new parents, nudge wannabe or unsure parents; and for fellow parents to smile over similar experiences of seeing their own offspring grow (puke, stumble, stub toes) and reminisce over losing stuff, sleep, hair, teeth and shit.
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