Skeleton Coast

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Skeleton Coast is Clive Cussler's fourth Oregon Files adventure, featuring captain Juan Cabrillo.1896: HMS Rove vanishes in a shocking storm off the African coast. Aboard is a fortune in stolen diamonds...Present day: Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the covert super-ship Oregon have just escaped a double-cross on the Congo River when they come to the aid of Sloane Macintyre - looking for some long lost treasure. Sloane's story is strange and when Juan checks it out, he finds that there's much more than just diamonds at stake on the African coast.A deranged militant and his followers plan to unleash a devastating power that will kill millions and cause worldwide havoc. Soon the Oregon is steaming to the rescue - but some forces are so extreme that even a hero like Juan Cabrillo thinks twice before getting involved...
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Barcode 9781405916592
Product Types Mysteries & Thrillers
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN 9781405916592
Year of Edition 2016
Pages Number 576

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