The Energizing Art of Feng Shui: Cleanse, Declutter and Revitalize Your Life

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Bringing ancient wisdom into 21st-century lives, this is the ultimate easy-to-follow handbook on Feng Shui. Packed with practical advice, creative solutions and inventive suggestions for every sized budget. Discover how to declutter and cleanse your home through reordering and designing the space along the principles of chi (the subtle spiritual energy that flows through everything in the universe).The Energizing Art of Feng Shui is designed to help you work with what you already have. You don't need to take extreme measures like moving entrance ways or knocking down walls. Covering every room in your home or apartment, this book will teach you how to boost beneficial chi and control harmful chi through rearranging objects and clearing clutter. You can improve chi through small changes such as removing mirrors or TVs from the bedroom, or maybe you'll try a bigger project like rearranging your living room to avoid the "poison arrows" of sharp corners that can create tension in a room. This invaluable guide will help you bring real balance and happiness into your home.
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Year of Edition 2021
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