PLA 1.75mm 1000G Green

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PLA filament 634 1.75 mm 1000 g for 3D printers is of superior quality, produced in The Netherlands. Real filaments guarantees that the PLA is high-quality and diameter consistent filament, giving you the best 3D printing experience. PLA is great for beginners to 3D printing, but also novices will find it great to use, as it is easy to work with while still give stunning results. PLA filament is available in multiple colors, but also different types are available within the Real brand.
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Multi-color and More Colors to Come

Imagination and creation are not limited to the monochrome.


Pretty, Tidy, Orderly

Precise control on spooling result into a neat, attractive and tangle free of filament. Superior extrusion.


Smooth Flow, Steady and Go

Smooth flow minimize clogging; optimize speeding. Print without worrying.



Low shrink, No warp, Finer Model Precision

Low shrink PLA formula, minimized the shrink reaction when the cooling down. No warping, no deform even printing large models. Finer model precision.


Toughness Enchancement, Sturdy Achievement

Increase chemical properties, decrease filament brokeage, achieve sturdy result.


Application Fields

Miniture, Toys, Decorations, General tools.


Multiple color options

White, Black, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Silver, Rainbow.


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More Information
SKU 4MM11060070004XXX
Barcode 810817026
Product Types Film
Brand Creality
Color Green

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